November 2006     Realized I was trans, started documenting transition on my                               old channel

March 2007           Bought binders, packers, books related to trans issues

June 2008             Came out to my close friends

August 2008          Friends help me pick a name after a game of bowling

September 2008    Made a new Facebook with new name/Came out to friends

June 2009             First Gender Assessment Appointment (was                                                   not accepted into the program because I wasn't "trans                                   enough")

September 2009    Started individual therapy

April 2010             Creation of my YouTube channel: uppercaseCHASE1

May 2010              First endocrinologist appointment, Came out to my dad                                 officially

June 15, 2010       First picture taken for "every day" picture project

June 16, 2010       First shot of Testosterone

June 16, 2011       Went off of testosterone

January 2012        Posted the "Sh*t Trans* Guys Say" video

April 26, 2012       Went back on T

December 2012     Legal name change

April 2013             Changed gender on my passport

May 30, 2013        Top Surgery in Florida with Dr. Garramone

November 2013     Legal gender marker change

Transition/Important Life Events Timeline

trans activist | speaker | educator | academic | youtuber

My name is Chase Ross and I am a trans activist, speaker, educator, academic, and YouTuber. In 2006, I realized I was trans and decided to document every part of my transition. Pictures, videos, voice clips, you name it, I did it. I started hormones in 2010 at the age of 19 and started a project that is still going on today. I've been taking a picture of my face (selfie?) every day since June 15, 2010, the day before I started hormones. This project was only going to be a 1 year deal but after seeing how drastic my changes were, I decided to go for another year. Well, here we are, 7+ years later. Every year, on the anniversary of the start date, I compile all the pictures together and make a video. 

My YouTube journey started in 2006. I started making videos of me dancing (embarrassingly enough, they are still online). I then changed channels and started talking about trans topics. In early 2012, the "shit ____ say" videos started coming out on YouTube with different parodies and I thought it would be an amazing idea to do a "Shit Trans Guy Say" video. Well, I did it, and it got over 20,000 views in the first month. Now, 3 years later, the video has over 200,000 views and my channel and reach have grown beyond anything I could have ever imagined. After that video came out and more people started contacting me and asking for advice, instead of making videos about my transition specifically, I started making videos in the hopes of helping people. I would talk about controversial topics such as detransitioning, feeling not 'trans enough', and having a lack of dysphoria. These videos came with a lot of support from people watching, but they also came with a lot of hate. A lot of people ask me how I deal with all the hate I get. All I can say is the hate I got when those videos were released really affected me to the point where I couldn't go on my blog anymore, but it made me stronger and I realized that people who leave hate just gave me an extra view ;) so I pay them no mind.

Anyways, back to my story. I now focus my videos on helping others and providing the best information I can. I've made videos for family and friends, videos about sex for trans guys, review videos, funny videos, videos about mental health, anxiety, depression, and videos on how I overcame those by running. My channel is a huge part of my life and I wouldn't be where I am today without the lovely people who message me daily asking for advice, suggesting video topics, commenting, sending me postcards, or just liking my videos. I will be forever grateful to the people who've followed my journey and continue to support me emotionally.

Other than my personal channel, I started FTMtranstastic, which is the most popular FTM collab channel on YouTube. I also have other projects I work on, which you can check out here.

I do have other things in my life other than YouTube (although it really does consume most of my day)! I am currently a graduate student at Concordia University working on my Masters in Sociology. My thesis topic relates to transgender men, tattoos, and identity. My research always focuses on transgender individuals (Female to male trans people mostly). You can read and learn more about my academic trajectory and research by clicking here.

YouTube, Academia, what's next? Oh yes, my day to day life. I don't just talk about my life or trans related topics online and in my research. I make sure to be an advocate whenever I can. I have chosen to live my life openly and disclose my trans status without hesitation. I do understand the privilege I have to be able to do this and I try to fight every day so that others are able to live as who they truly are without judgment. 

On the right, you'll see my transition timeline. If you'd like more information, make sure to click on the links, they are all connected to videos that I have made related to those events. 

For more information, including my social media links and contact information, please click here.