Speaking Engagements

2017. The Guardian - "LGBT change heroes 2017: breaking through from oppression" 

​2017. Huffington Post - "An Open Letter To YouTube About Censoring Its Transgender Creators". April 10

2017. Daily Xtra - "Why these two LGBT YouTubers say ‘restricted mode’ hurts young people the most". April 6

2017. FTM Magazine - "Has The Dust Settled, or Just Begun – The Internet War for Freedom". March 31

2017. FTM Magazine - "Change.org Link to Petition the age-restriction on Chase Ross’ videos/channel". March 1

2017. FTM Magazine -  "Chase Ross Youtube Channel flagged as “Age Restricted”". February 28

2016. FTM Magazine - "An Open Letter to the Trans YouTube Community". December 15

2016. The Montreal Gazette - "Montreal runner on his female-to-male transition: 'I finally feel like I'm myself'". August 14 

​2015. The Forum Podcast - "Chat With Chase Ross: Trans Topics and Beyond". November 4.

​2015. FTM Magazine Fall 2015 Issue - "Throw Back with Chase Ross". October.

2015. The Forum - "Chase Ross Pushes the Westminster Community to Address Campus Inclusion". October 27.

2015. Frontline - "Growing Up Trans". June 30,

2015. FTM Magazine NSFW Special Issue - "Ftmsextalk"

2014. FTM Magazine Fall 2014 Issue - "Best Youtube Channels" - uppercaseCHASE1 and FTMtranstastic. October.

2014. Featured on Within Reason. “Episode 104 - Shuvo Ghosh and Chase Ross on Gender Identity”. February 12 

2014. Featured on Heart of Trans. “Ten Great Trans* YouTube Channels – FTMtranstastic.” 

2013. Featured on Homerun. “
Transgender people face strife at the doctor’s office”. October 10.

2013. Trans Calendar Project - June

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2017. Transgender Men in a Cisgender World: Identity, Masculinity, and Sexual Health. Presented at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown, PA on January 25.

2015. Trans Day of Remembrance Discussion Presented in Oswego, NY at SUNY Oswego. November

2015. "The Complexities of Passing: Maintaining Identity as a Trans Person". Keynote presenter at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. October 22


2014. Presentation of Honours research and findings, as well as the importance of community access in 
academia. Presented at the Glad Day Book Shop during World Pride. Toronto, On. June 28

The Guardian - LGBT Change Heroes 2017

FTM MAGAZINE - 2015 Athlete of the Year

FTM MAGAZINE - Best of 2014 - Best Tumblr (chaseross) 

FTM MAGAZINE - Best of 2014 - Best FTM Collab Channel (FTMtranstastic)