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Chase reviews a range of products for transgender men. Most of these are sex toys or products like packers and binders. Chase is affiliated with Early2Bed, which means that every time you buy with his link, he gets a little something extra! Check out his reviews on this page, but remember, most of them are 18+!

A safe space for transgender men, partners, and allies to ask questions related to sex. Sex is not talked about enough in this community, especially safe sex, and a lot of transgender men (and their partners, or potential partners) have questions. This blog uses a series of tags in order to organize certain topics and for easy accessibility. This blog is also run by other transgender men in the community, including gendercube, a popular FTM advice blogger. FTMSEXTALK also has a series of videos discussing sex-related topics and reviews of packers and sex toys thats transgender men may enjoy.

uppercaseCHASE1 is Chase Ross' personal channel. This channel started off as a safe place for him to document his transition and talk about things he was going through. In 2012, he posted the "Sh*t Trans* Guys Say" video which increased his visibility in the community. Ever since then, Chase has been making advice videos and talked about controversial topics within the community such as: detransitioning, going off hormones, having a lack of dysphoria, problematic aspects of Caitlyn Jenner, and much more. Chase uses his channel in order to educate people in and out of the community.

Every month, 30 new binders (From GC2B) are given to trans masculine individuals in need. We also accept used binders from individuals who no longer need them and give them out. If you are interested, please fill out the form by clicking here.

Chase: I remember not being able to afford binders and seeing everyone around me with them. It was really hard to deal with and I never want anyone to have to feel what I felt. That's why this project started. Binders can change a person's life and how they see themselves. If you'd like more information, to donate binders, or donate funds, please click on the link.

You're So Brave is a podcast is by and for transgender men. Chase and Aaron discuss a variety of topics from coming out, passing, trans and queer identity, family acceptance, being outed, to topics completely unrelated to being transgender, such as: Pokemon, Harry Potter, conspiracy theories, spooky stories, mental health, and so much more. The purpose of this podcast is to build community and for people watching/listening to feel as though they are part of the conservation. 

FTM Transtastic

You're So Brave Podcast

A private Facebook group and series of videos discussing being transgender men and running. There are specific aspects of running (and other sports) that transgender men have issues with, including: name and gender race registration, packing, binding, competition, etc... In these videos (and in the group), these issues are discussed in order to help others. The group is also a positive space where individuals encourage each other to start running and sign up for races. Many people in the group have now completed their first 5K and 10K races!


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Founded in 2010, FTM transtastic has become the most popular FTM collaborative channel on YouTube. Chase Ross, the only original member left, started this channel with a group of friends in order to have a space where transition and trans-related topics weren't always the most important aspect of their lives. People have come and gone onto the channel but we are all still a community and love to interact with people. Transition can be so serious sometimes, it's great to have a place to just let yourself live, without worrying about being trans.

FTM Runners